Tau Ceti Operations

How our co-operative operates.

The Tau Ceti Co-operative Ltd is governed by a set of rules which are registered with the Registrar of Co-operatives in the State of Victoria, Australia. Like all registered co-operatives we are also covered by the Co-operatives Act /of 1996.

By way of background, co-operatives are governed by a board who acts on the part of the membership. They start with a formation meeting and then the co-operative is run in part by general meetings which involve all the membership and also by board meetings where the board is either acting on behalf of the membership at their discretion, or at the direction of the membership. You can find copies of the minutes for the formation meeting, board meetings and general meetings over on our meeting minutes page.

At Tau Ceti Co-operative we've also tried to formalise some areas the board would act in so that everyone would be kept aware of what is going on in areas where the board may act in a manner that affects the membership - this is encapsulated in The Standing Orders for Business Conduct The standing orders not only serve to give people a more specific idea of how we run things but also provide some means of storing our collective wisdom. The current version is dated November 2014.